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Iditarod 2011: Dogs Have Been Let Out

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Guys, the Iditarod has let the dogs out. "What is that devil word?" you might be wondering. Check out previous year's coverage here and here.

I'm quoting myself from last year here because the same rule applies. Iditablog is the place to get your serious business news. 

Last time we covered this, we met iditablog, who will again be providing the best coverage in all the best formats. TwitterFacebookpodcasts on iTunes

The biggest news, as I write this, is that Lance Mackey is not winning. Here are the standings.

I'm a big fan of Iditablog's podcasts. You should be, too. I started listening last year, maybe the year before, I don't remember. I do, however, have this feeling of familiarity with the hosts, so there's that. Also, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about the Iditarod to knowing slightly more than nothing, which means they've overcome my super-human ability to forget things. I know enough, I could probably answer a question or two about it, even.